Chizzle is an enemy appearing in Dreamy Mount Pajamaja in the game Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. In the field, they typically wander about, but if you encroach upon their territory, the Chizzles will charge the Bros.


Chizzles are always found in a very large group, and has multiple attacks. One is the whole group of Chizzle running into the background and hurling a giant dumbell-like weight at Mario and Luigi, similar to the Grumbell. The hammer is used to counter this attack, and, if the Bros. hit the dumbell back with their hammers, the Chizzles will cower in fear while the rocky weight slams into the group, dealing damage to all of them.

Another attack is the group smashing through rocks and ramming at Mario.

The final attack is some of them jumping into four pits of lava above, beside, and below the target. The target must hit them back with his hammer into the pools of lava, which they use like a hot tub. If hit by this attack, it can burn the targeted Mario Bro., so be careful.


  • The Chizzle seemed to be based on the muscle Lord statues found on the Mount Pajamaja expedition.