Chinchos (古代アッチーニャ人 lit. Ancient Tostarenan?) are mummy-type enemies that appear in the in the Sand Kingdom, Wooded Kingdom, Seaside Kingdom, Ruined Kingdom, and Mushroom Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey. They may be undead versions of the Tostarenan due to their slight resemblance to a living one, although Tostarenans are skeletal.

Concept and creation

The Chinchos were designed with slightly different eyes compared to those of the Tostarenans. The concept art reveals that they are meant to be dark purple-colored Tostarenans covered by bandages.


They are short, mummy-type enemies, with a skull for a head and their eyes in the shape of stars; as such, they are undead dark purple Tostarenans, as proven by their Japanese name, despite Tostarenans already being skeletal.

Behavior =

They appear mainly in dark areas such as sub-areas, so they generally are not present during the daytime. They appear by rising out from the ground, usually in large groups. To defeat them, Mario must jump on them; if they only receive a hit from Cappy, they are stunned for a short time and quickly heal the damage. They can also be defeated if charged at while riding Jaxi, or capturing a Chargin' Chuck. They also appear in the Knucklotec rematch in the Mushroom Kingdom. They appear from the ground when Knucklotec launches his fist at Mario.

After Knucklotec is defeated, Chinchos can be found in the Deepest Underground. Among them is a glowing Chincho. Defeating the glowing Chincho will give Mario a Power Moon.

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