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Chief Chilly

Introducing Chief Chilly.

Chief Chilly Challenge is a level only appearing in Super Mario 64 DS, in the mirror room. It can only be entered by Luigi, because only he gets invisible when using a Power Flower and can go through the mirror and enter the Wario painting. Upon its completion, he gets the key to unlock Wario, the last playable character.

The Path

Chief Chilly Challenge

Luigi passing a Bully.

The path leading up to the actual battle is reminiscent of the Bowser boss fight levels. One major hindrance though is that the entire course is icy. You can also earn two stars here one for the 8 red coins and one for smashing the box due left of the junction (as Wario (Luigi in a Wario cap)). You start out on top of a slide, ride it down and take the updraft. There will be shaky platforms crossing to an icy patch. Then take the Tram platform over to the next area. Next is a high-up jump to the pond below. (Don't stay in too long as it will chop away health, much like the ones in Snowman's Land). When you get to a junction, head right (or if as Wario get the Power Flower first and head left where you can get an extra star). The ice blocks move in and out and intersect navigate these and head into the pit for the battle

The Battle

An interesting thing to note is that the Chief Chilly's opening monologue depends on the character (cap) you are wearing.

  • For Luigi it will be fairly generic with Chief Chilly stating the plan and his supposed invincibility.
  • For Luigi with the Wario cap it'll be somewhat different with a remark saying how Luigi (as Wario) kind of looks like the guy he captured.

Basically the mechanics are the same with all "bully" battles except Chief Chilly has 3 HP so you will have to repeat the process three times (tip: Like most Super Mario 64 DS bully battles this is much easier as Wario (in this case Luigi with a Wario cap)).

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  • In the DS remake, there are unused lines of speech for Yoshi that Chief Chilly has. It is "Hmm? I see you have no mustache. Poor, bald, little creature. It's not a fair fight for you, but luckily, I'm not a fair fighter. Let's go!" for the start of the fight and "I simply can't believe that I lost to a hairless pip-squeak like you! My mustache was my only joy. Now what am I going to do?" when Yoshi wins, making it possible that you were intended to enter as any character at first, or the producers were careless about the fact that a human cannot be turned into Yoshi. A glitch can be performed.
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