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A Chibi Wanwan is a small Chain Chomp that appears in Super Mario Galaxy. They tend to appear in technological locations. Chibi Wanwans earned their name as a translation of "Small Chomp". (Chibi means "small" in Japanese.)


Chibi Wanwans make their debut in Super Mario Galaxy. Mario first encounters them as he heads up the Chibi Wanwan Planet in the Dreadnought Galaxy. Chibi Wanwans later appear in Super Mario Galaxy 2, making their only appearance in the Chompworks Galaxy, specifically on the Lava Planet. Unlike their larger counterparts, Chibi Wanwans can go in a circular line.

They can be destroyed by kicking their bodies with a star-weilding character, being held so that their movement causes them co collide (This can be done with other rolling enemies.), or a Stretch Plant fired in their direction. They can also be destroyed on collision with an NPC, as proven when they repeatedly collide with a hyperactive Gearmo whose behaviour his sibling questions.

Names in Other Languages

  • Japanese: Chibi Wanwan (They're small chain chomps, basically. Chibi comes from the Japanese Chibiru (to shrink).)
  • Spanish: El/La Chompito/-a (From El/La Chomp (Unchained Chomp). Their name literally means "Chomplet". Second declension (Genitive Lois/Les Chompitis/-es).)
  • Italain: Il Categnonéllo (From Il/la Categnone (Unchained Chomp), from Il Cane (dog), the augmentative suffix -one, and Il/La Categnaccio (Chain Chomp). Second declension (Genitive Lóis/Láis Categnonéllis). The name refers to them being miniature unchained Chomps.)
  • French: Le Mini Chomp. (Mini means small, so they are just called "Mini Chomps".)
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