Chet Rippo is a character that appears in both Paper Mario and Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. He is a local con-artist who tricks the player into making deals that backfire on the player, if they choose to accept the deal.


Paper Mario

In the first Paper Mario he is located to the farthest west of Toad Town, by the harbor and Shy Guy's Toy Box. In this game his appearance is similar to a clown mixed with an elephant, which changes in the next game.

By paying him the 39 coins he asks for, he claims that he can adjust the levels of either Mario or his partners. by two levels. He claims that it would actually cost 390 coins, but that it is on a discount. Once he is actually done with the deal, you find that your two stats that you did not select for the two-level upgrade actually decrease by one each.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

He is located at the entrance of Rogueport Sewers, in a pipe that is accessible only after Bobbery joins up with Mario.

By paying him thirty-nine coins, he can readjust the ranks of the party members (as long as the are not all at their max rank all) or readjust any of your HP, FP or BP, which could be useful to readjust strategies later on the game.


  • It is a possibility that his name is a play on "Cheat" and "Rip-Off," as he scams Mario into doing offers that are not true.
  • He is the opposite of Rip Cheato; however his deals are usually good deals, unlike Chet's.
  • His appearance changes throughout the games. In the first game his appearance is similar to that of an elephant, however in the sequel he looks like Merlon with a barrel on his head.