Chef Torte's Apprentice is a character and supporting boss that appears in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. He is the student of the master chef Chef Torte who, despite receiving constant abuse, respects his master.


Chef Torte's Apprentice is first seen where he is helping his master create the perfect Bundt cake for Booster's and Princess Toadstool's wedding. The two chefs then take the cake out only to have discovered that Mario and the others have crashed the wedding. Furious, Chef Torte's Apprentice and his master engage Mario and the others in battle.


Chef Torte's Apprentice acts in the same way in battle as Chef Torte by flailing arms to attack. However, as Mario and co. attack the cake, Chef Torte's Apprentice notices that the cake is moving and tries to tell his master about it each time. Chef Torte always dismisses it thinking his student is crazy. However, after seeing the cake actually moving, Chef Torte and his student run away from battle and his apprentice says that he knew the cake was moving.


  • Oddly, Chef Torte's Apprentice is named "Torte" in battle along with Torte.
  • Chef Torte's Apprentice shares the same stats as Chef Torte.