Chef Soulfflé is the fourth boss in Luigi's Mansion 3, he is on the second floor of the Last Resort. He is the Chef in the Mezzanine kitchen. Luigi will receive the fourth floor's elevator button after beating him. He has 350 HP.


Chef Soulfflé appears to be the Chef of the Mezzanine kitchen which is on the second floor. He is wearing a chef's hat and shirt. He holds a pan in his right hand. The color of his hair and beard is brown, his eyes are blue.


Chef Soulfflé is shown to have negative cooking skills, as the kitchen where he is found if covered by smoke, which makes Luigi cough if the player places him near it.  The rest of the kitchen is also slightly messy, as various pumpkins and watermelons can be found on the floor.  Overall, Chef Soulfflé seems to not care but enjoys his cooking.


When Luigi gets into the kitchen, he will find out that half of it is filled with smoke and Luigi can't walk through. Use Gooigi to suck the smoke with Luigi at the same time and Chef Soulfflé will appear. He will attack you by spinning and throwing fish. You can't attack him while he is spinning, but you also can't flash him when he finished spinning because Chef Soulfflé is able to shield himself by using his pan. You have to use the watermelons and the pumpkins to knock his pan down, this will stun him, now you can flash him and suck him. If you ran out of fruits, use the fish to shoot him. The fourth floor's button will be received after he is beaten. However, a mouse swallows the button, Luigi will have to use the cheese in the dining hall to let the mouse leave its hole and kill it. Another mouse will swallow the button, you have to chase it into the washroom to kill it.




Chef Soulfflé Battle Music-0


Catching Chef Soulffle (Ghost Boss Catching Theme) (Luigi's Mansion 3)

Catching Chef Soulfflé theme.

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