Chef Shimi is a chef and a Cheep Cheep on the Excess Express in the game Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. He makes the meals on the trains and often speaks incorrect English.


During the events of this game, Chef Shimi can be seen in the kitchen on the Excess Express. However, at some point, his pot gets stolen and a crime scene goes underway. Mario manages to track down the culprit as Heff T. and after Mario gives back the pot to Chef Shimi, the chef will reward Mario with a Star Piece.

Chef Shimi has also put up a trouble at the Trouble Center. His trouble involves bringing him three specific items: a Mystic Egg, a Golden Leaf, and a Keel Mango. A Mystic Egg can be received from Petuni after playing a game with her at The Great Tree, a Golden Leaf can be found hidden in the Creepy Steeple, and a Keel Mango can be found on Keelhaul Key. After bringing Chef Shimi these items, he will reward Mario with 40 coins.


  • Chef Shimi's name is a reference to "sashimi" which is a Japanese food dish that uses fish.