Cheese Bridge Area is the first level on the main path in Twin Bridges. It is a sky level, with many saws and places where Mario can fall to his death. It is one of only three levels in the game to contain Wings.

Secret Exit

To reach the secret goal, Mario must use a Cape Feather and Yoshi to glide under the regular goal, and then jump off Yoshi onto solid ground just before the plumber falls into an abyss. There, he can walk on to find a 3-Up Moon and the secret goal.

If Mario uses the secret exit in Cheese Bridge Area he gets to go to the secret level, Soda Lake. After he beats Soda Lake he can access Star Road 3 which leads to the Star World.


  • This level contains the most Dragon Coins in the game (10), with five in the regular level and another five accessible after collecting the Wings. However, it is possible to only collect nine of them in one run through the level.