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Cheep Chomps are enemies that appear in the New Super Mario Bros. series that appear only in aquatic levels. They look like Boss Basses, and much like them, they attempt to eat Mario.


Super Mario 64

They appear in Tiny-Huge Island, where they are depicted like normal Cheep Cheeps in this game, as they are orange with a yellow belly, and have red fins and tail. Unlike normal Cheep Cheeps, they have sunglasses. In the remake, they strongly resemble Boss Basses.

New Super Mario Bros.

Cheep Chomps reappear in this game, and only in one level, 3-1. Cheep Chomp have been given a new purple and green design to distinguish them from the less harmful Big Cheep Cheep. They still somewhat act like their original counterparts, trying to eat Mario or Luigi.

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  • Their name is derived from 'Cheep Cheep' and 'Chomp'. Its Japanese name, Bakubaku, is an onomatopoeia for chomping or eating.
  • They resemble Porcupuffers in the way that they try to eat Mario.