Cheep Cheep Shot is a ​Mid-boss Battle mini-game. In "Solo" mode, she/he appears in Blooper Beach as a boss.


The game is aiming a boss. Grab a shell then fire it at Cheep Cheep; it is worth +3 points. To be prepared not to lose 1 point, look at the expression if it is angry; if it shakes instantly, dodge quickly.


​When Cheep Cheep grows mad, the difficult part is it goes to different places speedy which will be hard to aim at. It will also go to the air and trick you to hit you. Tho avoid the Cheep Cheep. Watch the shadow and avoid it.


The Wiimote Icon should be held horizontally.

  • Tilt the Wiimote Icon left to move left.
  • Tilt the Wiimote Icon right to move right.
  • Tilt the Wiimote Icon forward to move up.
  • Tilt the Wiimote Icon back to move down.
  • Press Wiimote 2 to launch the shell.
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