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Cheep Cheep Shot is a ​Mid-boss Battle mini-game. In "Solo" mode, she/he appears in Blooper Beach as a boss.


The objective is to hit Cheep Cheep with Koopa Shells. Every shell that hits Cheep Cheep is worth three points. The player will lose a point if the Cheep Cheep hits the player. The player can anticipate the Cheep Cheep by watching it turn around furiously.

​When Cheep Cheep loses half lives, the Cheep Cheep is more likely to move recklessly, making it harder to aim the shell. It will also jump out of the water and land into the water. The player can avoid the Cheep Cheep by watching the shadow.

​In-game text

"Grab shells and fire them at Cheep Cheep as fast as you can while avoiding his attacks."

"Hold the Wii Remote sideways. Tilt it in the direction you want your character to move. Swim into a shell to pick it up. Press Two Button to throw shells."