The Cheep Charger is a lightweight kart in Mario Kart Wii with good acceleration.


The Cheep Charger appears to be Cheep-Cheep shaped car with the character emblems on the side of the kart.

The Cheep Charger is unlocked by at least getting a star rating on all 50cc Retro Cups, or by playing 1,800 races.


Koopa Troopa uses a Cheep Charger in Time Trials for Koopa Cape and Shy Guy Beach (Nin☆Rose and Nin☆Kato).


  • Speed- 34/80
  • Weight- 24/80
  • Acceleration- 64/80
  • Handling- 56/80
  • Drift- 59/80
  • Offroad- 45/80
  • Mini-Turbo- 54/80
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