Chance Spaces are special type of spaces that occur in the Mario Party series. Whenever a player lands on a Chance Space, the event "Chance Time!" occurs and it involves two players usually giving or receiving stars or coins (or even both). Chance Spaces, in most games, appear as an Exclamation Point. Bowser is also known for starting up his own versions of "Chance Time" called "Bowser's Chance Time which always involve him getting coins (unless the one chosen has no coins, then Bowser actually gives that player coins). In Mario Party 2, Bowser's Chance Time is actually referred to as "Chance Time?".


Mario Party

Chance Spaces are first seen in Mario Party and they are found on every board. In this game, a Koopa Troopa hosts the Chance Time event and the Chance Spaces themselves are blue and red in color. Sometimes, Bowser would host his own Chance Time event where he always gets coins. 

Mario Party 2

In Mario Party 2, Chance Spaces are now green and white in color like Happening Spaces. The Chance Time event is now hosted by Toad and the rules apply from the first Mario Party game.

Mario Party 3

In Mario Party 3, Chance Spaces are viturally the same from the last games except now, the exclamation point is now blue in color rather than white or red. Also, there is no "Bowser's Chance Time" in this game.

Mario Party 4

Although Chance Spaces don't physically appear in Mario Party 4, they are replaced by Fortune Spaces that actually act pretty much the same. The event is now called the "Reversal of Fortune" and is hosted by Toad, Goomba, Shy Guy, Boo, and Koopa Troopa. Fortune Spaces have a green background and a rainbow star in the middle.