Chan is a character and boss in Paper Mario.


Chan is a green-shelled Buzzy Beetle that oddly has a braid of hair coming from out of his shell.


He's more a mini-boss as he is one of the fighters in the Dojo. He trains under The Master with his friend Lee. Chan is a type of Buzzy Beetle, only he has a greet shell with a long braided hair. Since he his a Buzzy Beetle, he has all the advantages that brings, meaning he cannot be harmed by explosives nor fire.

Upon defeating Chan, Mario obtains the First Degree Card. Afterward, he then must fight Lee and can never fight Chan again. Mario can only go through with the Dojo's training after he has been tasked by Eldstar to stop Bowser.

Battle Statistics

Chan's Stats (Paper Mario)
Max HP 15
Attack 2
Defense 2
Attacks Charges at Mario.


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