Champion's Road is the final level to be played in Super Mario 3D World. It is a platforming gauntlet that is set somewhere within a void of space. It is unlocked along with Captain Toad's Fiery Finale and Mystery House Marathon by clearing Boss Blitz and finishing every level with every character. Its completion unlocks no further levels, signalling the end of the game.


This level is considered the hardest level to complete. It features Octoombas as the first enemy you'll encounter, then, if you make it past the Octoombas, you see three Fire Bros. Once at the top of the stairs the Fire Bros are at, you'll see three thin tiles you must run across. To add to how hard it will be, Chargin' Chucks are on them and you must get past them. When on the other side, enter the Warp Box and you find yourself at a Beep-Block section that moves faster then most. Past this is a spot where the ground falls where you've walked. Here, you fight three Magikoopas. Enter the Warp Box to take you to a tricky spot where you must pass swinging spike poles. Once past these, an area where some Ant Troopers with spikes walk down is there. You must climb to the top (This is easier to do with a Super Bell or Lucky Bell). At the top, you must jump on top of three Piranha Plants heads, and then swim past spiked boxes in order to proceed to the area with speed panels. You must collect the keys to open a box to transport to the area that leads to a very large pipe line. When passed through, it will light up some parts, and it will spell "Thank You!!" Past this, you'll find another transport box that will take you to the flag pole.

Green Stars

  • Green Star 1: At the top of the Beep-Block section, the Green Star is there.
  • Green Star 2: The star is yet again in the open. At the end of the area where you go past the spikes, you will find it.
  • Green Star 3: The star is once again in the open. It is at the speed panels area, right at the second turn.


You will find the stamp on the steps leading you to the top of the flag pole.

Side Characters

Plessie, Captain Toad, Sprixies, Lumas and Toads with Coins appear at the end, and Sprixies, Lumas, and Toads appear throughout.



  • This course's Green Stars and stamps seem to be the easiest to get.