The Champ's Belt (チャンピオンベルト Champion Belt?) is a key item that appears in the game Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.


The Champ's Belt is well known for being a belt that resembles one of the Crystal Stars.


The Champ's Belt main purpose is to identify who is the current champion of the Glitz Pit in Glitzville. The Champ's Belt is first seen when Rawk Hawk shows it off and Mario and company believe the star on the Champ's Belt is the third Crystal Star they've been searching for. They then enter the Glitz Pit and fight through many foes and solve mysteries until they win the Champ's Belt. However, the star on the Champ's Belt turns out to be fake and was soon revealed that the real Crystal Star was in the possession of Grubba. After Grubba (who transformed into Macho Grubba) is defeated, Mario gets the real Crystal Star and relinquishes the Champ's Belt to Jolene as Mario must continue to search for the rest of the Crystal Stars. However, Mario can come back anytime to win the Champ's Belt again but must go through every foe once again.


  • The Champ's Belt is most likely designed by Grubba who modeled it after the Crystal Star he used to own.