"Shall we travel together?"
― Chakron, Plack Beach

Chakron is the third, and final star sage. The other two sages are: Wisdurm and Kuzzle. He is found on top of a mountain in Plack Beach.


It is an octopus with eight pink arms and lips. Has a round sphere face and a gold star on its forehead.


Bowser's Inside Story enemy
Location Plack Beach
Level 23
HP 9999
Power N/A
Defense 999
Speed 999
Experience gained 0
Coins dropped 0
Item dropped None
  • Parentheses represent Japanese versions different from the American and European versions.
  • Gray statistics shows that they are found just in the game's coding and not available during normal gameplay.

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  • Chakron is the only boss Mario Bros. gain outside Bowser's body.
  • Chakron is the strongest boss of the whole Mario & Luigi series.
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