Château de Chucklehuck is a location that appears in the game Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. This is where Mario and Luigi run into Popple and Rookie for the first time.


It is mainly a large mansion with many statues on it. This place is also known for the infamous "Barrel Maze."


Mario and Luigi are sent to the Château de Chucklehuck to retrieve the Chuckola Cola for the Queen Bean. Mario and Luigi navigate through the barrel maze but soon have an encounter with the "Shadow Thief" Popple and his partner Rookie. It is revealed that Popple wants the same thing and challenges the Mario Bros. to a battle. Mario and Luigi defeat the two thieves and they run off. Mario and Luigi soon run into the owners of Château de Chucklehuck, Cork and Cask. The two brewers then tell Mario and Luigi that the Chuckola Cola is found nearby in Chucklehuck Woods and require special techniques to navigate through the forest. Cork and Cast teach Mario and Luigi Mini Mario and Luigi Dunk and the two head into Chucklehuck Woods.