Minigames appear in Mario Party on Boards and Mini-Game Island.

On boards, a minigame roulette appears after all players moved the number of spaces. After the playthrough, the player either steals coins from other players, gains coins or loses them.

Types of minigames

4-player minigame

Shy Guy Says 1

Shy Guy Says, an example of a 4-player minigame

All players compete against each other. The winner performs their victory pose and other players sulk. There are a few minigames with coins. The players with coins perform their victory animations while other players sulk. On boards, the winner receives coins.

1-vs-3 minigame


Piranha's Pursuit, an example of a 1-vs-3 minigame

One player competes against the three players. The solo player and the three players have different wins. For example: in Piranha's Pursuit, if the solo player wins, the camera zooms closer to the player who performs his/her victory animation. If the three players win, the three players perform their victory animations while the solo player sulks. After winning a minigame while playing on the board, the solo player steals coins from the three players or it happens the same way around.

2-vs-2 minigame


Bobsled Run, ab example of a 2-vs-2 minigame

Two players in two teams compete against each other. Two players in a team work together to beat the other team. The winning and losing animations from the two teams are complementary. Some minigames have players racing against each other onscreen. There are a few minigames where players hit each other with contact. While playing on boards, the winners steals the coins from their opponents.

Single-player minigame


Teetering Towers, an example of a Single-player minigame

One player plays the minigame that has different objectives. If the player acheives the objective, the player receives coins on the board. If the player fails, the player loses coins on the board.

List of minigames

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