Cataquacks are a species found in the Mushroom Kingdom that are commonly an enemy of Mario's. They were first introduced in Super Mario Sunshine. They were found in Gelato Beach. They are normally colored blue. If a Cataquack spots Mario, they will run after him, and toss him up in the air. They cannot harm Mario, unless he touches them directly. Red Cataquacks hurt Mario if they toss him. Cataquacks are also one of the enemies that can appear while fighting King Boo in Sirena Beach.

Other Appearances

Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

Cataquacks are found on the course Peach Beach in Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, with green and purple being additional colors. If a racer touches them, the racer will be thrown into the air. The racer will also lose their item and it will lie on the ground. Cataquacks can be flipped onto their backs if an item hits them. In this game, they are also known as Pihanas. In Mario Kart Wii, Catatquacks do not chase racers that are playing online or performing Time Trials, making them easier to avoid. They make quacking sounds.

Some people call them "Warning Ducks," hence the warning sign (an exclamation point) that pops up on their head when a player is close to them.

Super Mario Galaxy

In Super Mario Galaxy, they appear in the Gold Leaf Galaxy and the Beach Bowl Galaxy where they launch you in the air in order to complete the level. All the Cataquacks are blue in this game.


  • According to a bee, Cataquacks were home to a mysterious planet, near the Gold Leaf Galaxy.