The Cat Cruiser is a kart body that appears in the Mario Kart series.


It is a pink body, resembling somewhat of a Volkswagen New Beetle, with cat motifs such as whiskers, a tail, and ears (embedded on the windshield). This vehicle is based on Princess Peach's cat form in Super Mario 3D World.

Mario Kart series

In Mario Kart 8 / Deluxe

The Cat Cruiser in Mario Kart 8.

The Cat Cruiser first appears in Mario Kart 8. It is an unlockable kart body. It doesn't boost nor hinder any stats, similar to the Standard Kart, The Duke, Teddy Buggy, Prancer, Sneeker and the 300 SL Roadster.

This kart is Cat Peach's personal kart. As she appears in The Legend of Zelda x Mario Kart 8, she occasionally uses this with the Standard tires, while being controlled by a CPU.

In Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, the kart gives a boost in acceleration and handling, whilst hindering speed. It shares its stats with the Comet, Yoshi Bike and Teddy Buggy. CPU Cat Peach and Toadette may occasionally use this kart with the Retro Off-Road tires, whilst CPU Princess Daisy will use this with the Standard tires.

In Mario Kart Tour

The Cat Cruiser appears in Mario Kart Tour. Its design is retained from 8 and Deluxe, but the tires are a pink-rimmed version of the Standard tires from 8 and Deluxe.

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