The Castle Key is a key item that appears in the game Paper Mario.


The Castle Key, as the name suggests, is a key that opens a key within a castle. There are three different types of Castle Keys in Paper Mario, and each of these types of keys open doors in Tubba Blubba's Castle, Bowser's Castle, and Princess Peach's Castle respectively. All three of these are keys with a '♣' shape at the handle, in green, grey, and pink colors respectively.

The Castle Key in Princess Peach's Castle is not obtained by Mario but rather Princess Peach. She is given a key by Gourmet Guy after Mario completes Chapter 4, and this key leads Peach to the first floor of the castle. After Mario has completed chapter 6, a Koopatrol gives another key to Peach if she is affected by the Sneaky Parasol, and this key grants the princess access to the front door of the castle. While outside of the castle, she cannot access Bowser's Castle, however.

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