Castle Bleck Interior is a location in Super Paper Mario. It is the third area in Castle Bleck and serves as the main setting for Chapter 8-3.


Chapter 8-3: Countdown to Destruction

Mario, Luigi, and Tippi are the only ones left and they have no choice but to press on. In Castle Bleck Interior, the heroes must deal with Dimentio and his many tricks. One room has a lot of mirrors in it with Dimentio appearing in them attempting to hit the heroes with a ball of magic. Much later, they will come across Dimentio who wants to play a game of "magic tag" with them. Dimentio's game involves chasing him through previous areas of the game and finding dimensional rifts requiring the use of Fleep. Once Mario and Luigi has caught up to Dimentio, Dimentio reveals his true actions throughout the game saying he wants to take out Count Bleck as well. Dimentio tries to trick the Mario Bros. into joining him but they refused. Dimentio then says he will take out the brothers staying with Luigi and his "shag mustache." Luigi gets offended by this and tells Mario he is going to fight Dimentio alone. Luigi manages to defeat Dimentio and Dimentio is impressed by Luigi's strength. However, he soon blows himself and Luigi up. Tippi is very worried for Luigi but Mario assures her she is fine and they press on to the final area of the game.

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