Castle Bleck Foyer is a location in Super Paper Mario. It is the second area of Castle Bleck and serve as the setting for Chapter 8-2.


Chapter 8-2: The Crash

Just after losing Bowser, the heroes continue forward through Castle Bleck. They are now in the foyer and have much more distance to travel. After fighting through some enemies, the heroes come across room with Merlon in it. The heroes have no choice to fall for the obvious trap by Mimi and are sent through a trapdoor. They must work their way back around and find the key in order to unlock the door. Soon, they will come across "Merlee" who will ask them a series of questions (which one of them even being Francis). After passing through three more rooms, Mimi will reveal herself and will be enraged that the heroes got through. Princess Peach has had enough of Mimi and decides to take her on herself. Peach defeats Mimi but a large quake occurs and the two of them find themselves hanging over a pit. Mimi is surprised Peach is trying to save her but the two are soon knocked back down by an aftershock. The heroes are now down to Mario and Luigi and they head further into Castle Bleck Interior.

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