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Cast Aways is a 4-player minigame from Mario Party. The minigame is based on fishing, only with huge, gloved hands instead of hooks and coins instead of fish. Players don't actually win the game, they just have a chance to earn some coins.


Each of the four players have a spot on a shore that outlooks three rows of various forms of coins. These can be either treasure chests, coin bags, or simply coins. The first and third rows move to the left and the second moves to the right. The players will cast out their lines at an angle based on their seating and try to grab and reel in as many coins as they can.

Treasure chests are ten coins a piece and are mainly found on the third and farthest row, but can be spotted on the second and first. Coin bags are five coins a piece and are mainly found on the second row, but can be spotted on the third and first rows. Regular coins are mainly on the first row, but can be on the second row too.


  • Control Stick (Control Stick down) - Cast out
  • Control Stick (Rotate) - Reel in