Carpaccio's Lab is a location that appears in Wario: Master of Disguise. As the name states, this area is owned by Carpaccio and serves as his main base of operations. It is also where the fourth Wishstone piece is located and is the penultimate level of the game.


Carpaccio's Lab is a highly advanced laboratory with many different power generators that serve as the main source of power for different areas of the lab.


Episode 9: More Shocking Than the Next Episode?

Wario makes it to Carpaccio's Lab in order to confront Carpaccio himself for the fourth piece of the Wishstone. However, Count Cannoli shuts off the power to the generators in order to stop Wario. Wario must make use of Sparky Wario in order to power the generators and open the doors to the areas of the lab. Wario eventually makes it to the room with Carpaccio and Count Cannoli. Carpaccio, knowing he can't beat Wario in a straight fight, forces Wario to race him for the Wishstone piece. However, Carpaccio rigs the race in his favor by having Wario's path filled barriers forcing Wario to rely on his disguises to get him through. Wario wins at the end but Carpaccio escapes to the final level. Count Cannoli, realizing he may never best Wario, decides to help him out and takes Wario to where Carpaccio went.




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