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Carpaccio is a character that appears in Wario: Master of Disguise. He is one of the main antagonists of the game and serves as a secondary opponent for Wario who is mainly after the Wishstone pieces. Like with Wario and Count Cannoli, Carpaccio is a thief but is from a wealthy family and owns a global company known as Sigil Securities.


Carpaccio is first seen in Sneezemore Cave where he first encountered Wario and taunts him the entire time before sealing off the way to the Wishstone piece. Once Wario manages to make it to where Carpaccio is, Carpaccio challenges him to a battle. Carpaccio then transforms into Head Honcho Carpaccio and eats Wario. However, Wario was able to defeat him and Carpaccio runs off. Later in the game Carpaccio and Count Cannoli form an alliance hoping to take down their common foe. Carpaccio later plays a big role where Wario eventually makes it to his Carpaccio's Lab. Carpaccio, knowing he can't beat Wario, challenges him to a race but has Wario's path rigged in his favor. However, Wario was able to beat him in the race despite the odds and a suddenly concerned Carpaccio runs off to Allergia Gardens. Carpaccio hopes to get to the last Wishstone piece before Wario and hides away the key to the final door before entering it himself. After a long search, Wario finds the key and makes it to where Carpaccio and the final Wishstone piece are. Wario was able to take the Wishstone piece and forms it but this causes Terrormisu to be released. It turns out that Carpaccio has been working with Poobah the Pharaoh to prevent the resurrection of Terrormisu. Carpaccio was then knocked out by Terrormisu but was saved by Cannoi allowing Wario to eventually defeat the demon.

Powers and Abilities

Carpaccio is a very cunning individual being another well known thief despite not having magical powers like Goodstyle who supplies them to Wario and Cannoli. Carpaccio is also known for his Head Honcho Carpaccio form where it appears he uses it to eat others. However, he only uses it once after his first fight with Wario (most likely knowing it wouldn't help him against Wario a second time). As seen during the second encounter, Carpaccio is also very fast being able to easily outrun Wario. He can also create very elaborate traps that were used to slow down Wario during their race. He is also tough enough to take a direct attack from Terromisu (though he did passed out from the attack).