Cardiators is a luck based duel minigame from Mario Party 8. Which one of the two players will win is completely determined by the cards chosen.


The mini-game takes place in a giant Romanesque Colosseum where the audience is filled with Shy Guys, Goombas, and Koopas. Each of the two players comes out from one of the winds of the stadium. When they both reach the center, cards are drawn to see who goes first.


Opponents take turns picking cards from a large table. Once a card is drawn, the corresponding enemy appears behind the attacker and attacks the opponent. Each player has a health bar consisting of twenty hit points. Once all hit points are depleted on either side the game is over.


Each card has a different enemy that it summons thus each does a different amount of damage.

Card Image Description Damage
Bumpty Dash A single Bumpty slides into the enemy player One Damage
Ukiki One Ukiki charges at the opposing player Two Damage
Triple Bullet Bill Three Bullet Bills are fired from behind the attacker. They ram into the opposing player Nine Damage
Thwomp A Powerful Thwomp drops from the ceiling and crushes the opposing player. Deals the Highest Damage of all cards. Ten Damage
Wiggler An angered Wiggler jumps out from behind the attack and runs over the opposing player Eight
Chain Chomp A Wild Chain Chomp crashes into the opposing player Twelve Damage
Bumpty Army Several Bumpties slide into the opposing player Seven Damage
Three Ukiki Three Ukiki's team up and attack the opposing player Six Damage


  • The minigame's name is a small pun of the word, "Gladiators".
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