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Card Smarts (かけひきカードバトル Strategy Card Battle?) is a Free-for-All mini-game found in only Mario Party 9.


The camera pans across the table. The camera changes scene to face the player whose cards show onscreen.


In this game, each player is given a set of eight cards: one '1', two '2' cards, two '3' cards, two '4' cards and one '5' card. Players must choose a card within five seconds. The player with the highest number card receives one win in the round. The first player to get three wins is the winner. The game ends when the three player gains three wins or all of the remaining players run out of cards. The remaining players that have not completed their three wins, will be determined a place depending on the number of wins.

In-game description

Choose a card from your hand. Whoever plays the card with the highest number earns one point. Be the first player to earn three points to win!"
Hold the Wii Remote sideways. Press +Control Pad to select a card and Two Button to confirm. You can change your card as often as you want before the timer runs out.