Capture is a unique ability Mario gains in Super Mario Odyssey. His newfound hat friend, Cappy, grants him this power somewhere in the Cap Kingdom, where he is presumably found. When Cappy is thrown at an enemy, creature, or object, such as a Goomba, Mario is able to take control of said enemy, creature, or object.

This allows Mario to use new abilities, many of which he has never previously had, and collect Power Moons which would normally be out of his reach. When capturing something, that thing will gain Mario's hat and mustache, as well as his blue irises (if it has eyes). Mario can also "de-capture" his host at will, stunning them for a while.

Capturable enemies, creatures, and objects

The following is a list of everything Mario can capture (and their known abilities), as has been evidenced so far:

# Capture Description
01 Frog Capture
Mario can capture a frog to jump extremely high and reach high platforms and places that he could otherwise not reach.
02 Spark pylon Capture
Spark pylon
Mario can capture spark pylons in order to become electricity and zip across power lines. He can also "de-capture" the pylons at any point, allowing him to drop onto objects below him and reach some otherwise unreachable areas. If there are collectible objects like Coins or a Power Moon close to a power line, Mario can leave the power line to collect them, this is done by pressing the y button at the right time.
03 Paragoomba, New Super Mario Bros. U
Mario can capture a Paragoomba and use it to fly over bottomless pits of fog.
04 Chain Chump Mario
Chain Chomp
Mario can capture a Chain Chomp and pull back on its chain in order to have it fly off in the opposite direction. This allows him to destroy rocks and other obstacles that Mario could otherwise not destroy himself.
05 Big Chain Chomp Capture
Big Chain Chomp
The Big Chain Chomps behave the same as the Chain Chomps; however, they have a longer chain, allowing them to fly further than their smaller counterparts.
06 Broode's Chain Chomp
Broode's Chain Chomp
Mario can capture Madame Broode's Chain Chomp during his encounter with her. It behaves the same as the Big Chain Chomp, and it is used to defeat Madame Broode.
07 T-Rex Mario
Mario can capture a T-Rex in order to destroy stone rocks and enemies. However, Mario can only stay as a T-Rex for a short time, as it is too big for Cappy to hold on to for a long time.
08 Binoculars Capture
Mario can capture a pair of binoculars and use them to look around the area and examine his surroundings.
09 Bullet Bill Mario
Bullet Bill
Mario can capture a Bullet Bill and use it to fly around and destroy stone blocks or other objects that he could otherwise not destroy. After a short time, however, the Bullet Bill will explode, releasing Mario and dropping him off where ever it exploded.
10 Moe-Eye Mario
Mario can capture Moe-Eyes in order to put on their shades, which allows him to see invisible platforms, Coins, and blocks that he could otherwise not see. Wearing the shades causes the Moe-Eyes to move slower than they do without their shades.
11 Cactus Capture
Mario can capture a cactus (in the Sand Kingdom) in order to move it out of the way of a glowing spot on the ground, which hides a Power Moon.
12 Goomba Mario
Mario can capture Goombas in order to stack them into Goomba Towers, which allows him to reach high spots that he could otherwise not reach. As a Goomba, Mario can also interact with Goombette, who will award Mario with a Power Moon as a sign of affection. If Mario approaches the female Goomba in his normal form, it will instead disappear in fear. Goombas' feet are also able to walk across icy surfaces without slipping around.
13 Knucklotec's Fist Capture
Knucklotec's Fist
During the battle against Knucklotec in the Sand Kingdom (and during the rematch in the Mushroom Kingdom), Mario can capture Knucklotec's Fist, which he can use to punch the foe in order to damage him. Similar to Bullet Bills, Knucklotec's Fist can only be captured for a short amount of time.
14 Mini Rocket Mario can capture a Mini Rocket in order to blast off into the sky, where he can find a platforming challenge that awards a Power Moon when completed. He can also capture the Mini Rocket in the sky area in order to return to the main level he came from.
15 Glydon
Mario can capture Glydon in order to glide across the Kingdoms and reach high areas that are too far for Mario to reach otherwise.
16 Lakitu Mario can capture Lakitu and use him to fish for Cheep Cheeps and Big Cheep Cheeps, the latter of which awards Mario with a Power Moon.
17 Zipper Mario can capture zippers in order to un-zip sections of the level and reveal hidden passages to Coins and Power Moons.
18 Cheep Cheep Mario
Cheep Cheep
Mario can capture a Cheep Cheep in order to swim faster and better while in the water. If the Cheep Cheep leaves the water, it will bounce around until it re-enters water. As a Cheep Cheep, Mario will not need to come to the water's surface for air.
19 Puzzle Part (Lake Kingdom) Mario can capture a large stone rock in the Lake Kingdom in order to solve a puzzle for a Lochlady, who will award Mario with a Power Moon once the puzzle is solved.
20 Poison Piranha Plant To capture a Poison Piranha Plant, Mario must first kick a rock into its mouth, which will then allow Cappy to land on top of the Plant's head (rather than the Piranha Plant eating Cappy). As a Poison Piranha Plant, Mario can spit balls of poison at other enemies or at the ground.
21 Uproot Mario
Mario can capture Uproots in order to stretch their legs and reach high places that he could otherwise not reach. Mario can also use the Uproot to break otherwise unreachable Rock Blocks located high off the ground.
22 Fire Bro
Fire Bro
Mario can capture a Fire Bro to fire fireballs at enemies and objects, which will award Mario with Coins and, rarely, Power Moons.
23 Sherm Mario
Mario can capture tank-like enemies called Sherms and use them to fire cannonballs at enemies and mounds of dirt, which can open up the path to new areas.
24 CoinCofferSM3DL
Coin Coffer
Mario can capture a Coin Coffer and use it to fire his Coins at enemies and objects.
25 Tree Mario can capture a tree (in the Wooded Kingdom) in order to move it out of the way of a glowing spot on the ground, which hides a Power Moon.
26 Boulder Mario can capture a rock (in the Wooded Kingdom) in order to move it out of the way of an alcove on the adjacent tree, which hides some regional coins.
27 Picture Match Part (Goomba) Mario can capture a piece of a Goomba picture during the Picture Match mini-game in the Cloud Kingdom.
Tropical Wiggler
Mario can capture Tropical Wigglers and use them to stretch out and reach small platforms and alcoves that he could otherwise not reach.
29 Pole Mario can capture Poles (in the Metro Kingdom) to fling himself large distances and reach high or far areas.
30 Manhole Mario can capture a manhole cover (in the Metro Kingdom) to move it out of the way and access a secret area containing a Power Moon.
31 Taxi Mario can capture a taxi (in the Metro Kingdom), which will take him to a secret night-time area in the Kingdom filled with Sherms and Moon Shards, which Mario must collect to receive a Power Moon.
32 RC Car Mario can capture a New Donker (in the Metro Kingdom) to control a small RC Car and drive it into a small cage holding a Power Moon.
33 Ty-foo Mario can capture Ty-foos and use them to blow away enemies or blocks, which can open access to secret areas.
34 Shiverian Racer Mario can capture a Shiverian Racer in order to participate in the Bound Bowl Grand Prix (in the Snow Kingdom).
35 Snow Cheep Cheep
Snow Cheep Cheep
Mario can capture purple Cheep Cheeps (in the Snow Kingdom), which behave exactly the same as the regular Cheep Cheeps, with the addition of not being hurt from freezing.
36 Gushen Mario can capture Gushens and use them to spray jets of water, which can be used to reach high ledges where Power Moons can be found.
37 Lava Bubble Mario
Lava Bubble
Mario can capture Lava Bubbles and use them to swim around lava and reach otherwise unreachable areas across the lava sea.
38 Volbonan Mario can capture Volbonans and use them to fling to high places that he could otherwise not reach.
39 Hammer Bro Mario
Hammer Bro
Mario can capture a Hammer Bro/Chef Bro and use them to throw hammers (or frying pans in the Luncheon Kingdom), which can break mounds of dirt and reveal hidden objects underneath.
40 Meat Mario can capture a large slab of meat (in the Luncheon Kingdom) and use it to lure Cookatiel to pick it up and drop it in the large pot atop Mount Volbono, where a Multi Moon awaits.
41 Fire Piranha Plant Mario can capture a Fire Piranha Plant and use it to spit fireballs at enemies or unlit torches, which can award the player with a Power Moon.
42 Pokio
Mario can capture a Pokio and use it to poke into a non-metal wall and fling himself upwards to reach higher areas that he could otherwise not reach.
Mario can capture a Jizo statue and use it to line up with other Jizo statue rows, earn coins or Hearts from glowing spots on the ground, break cracked blocks, and weigh down certain P Switches.
Bowser statue
Mario can capture a Bowser statue (in the Moon Kingdom) in order to move it out of the way of a small ditch containing a Power Moon.
45 Parabones Icon SMO
Mario can capture a Parabones and use it to fly across large pits of lava and reach distant platforms that he could otherwise not reach.
46 1200px-BanzaibillNSMBU
Banzai Bill
Mario can capture a Banzai Bill, which will make him temporarily invincible (until the Banzai Bill hits a solid wall or blows itself up), allowing Mario to cross large areas of lava or destroy large blocks of stone.
47 CharginChuckSM3DW
Chargin' Chuck
Mario can capture a Chargin' Chuck and use it to charge through boulders or other tough obstacles in the way.
48 Bowser Super Mario Odyssey Artwork
Mario can capture Bowser (during the story events of the Moon Kingdom) and use him to destroy large blocks of stone.
49 Letter Mario can capture the letters M, A, R, I and O (in the Metro Kingdom) and use them to spell out the word "Mario", which will reward him with a Power Moon.
Puzzle Part (Metro Kingdom)
Mario can capture an uncharged block in the New Donk City Power Plant in order to place it on top of a socket, which will power it up and reward the player with a Power Moon.
Picture Match Part (Mario)
Mario can capture a piece of a Mario picture during the Picture Match mini-game in the Mushroom Kingdom.
52 Yoshi MP100
Mario can capture Yoshi and use him to eat several berries scattered across the area where he is found. Eating 10 of these berries rewards Mario with a Power Moon.


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