Captain Wario is a form of Wario that appears in Wario: Master of Disguise. This form can be used after Wario gets the Captain Guise Gem from the Smithsnorian Museum. To use Captain Wario, the player must draw a backwards "C" to the right of Wario.


Wario as Captain Wario wears a pirate hat on his head wears goggles with a snorkel. His body is hidden inside of his submarine that is silver in color and has images of a skull and a "W" on it.

Powers and Abilities

Captain Wario is able to navigate through water and is able to breath underwater as well. He is also able to navigate through molten lava but is required to have an item called the Sweatmore Hotpants in order to avoid taking damage. Once the mastery gem for this disguise is aquired, Captain Wario will be able to shoot missiles allowing him to damage enemies and destroy certain objects.

Like with Genius Wario and Sparky Wario, Captain Wario's main weakness is lacking an offensive move until Wario gets the mastery gem later in the game. Navigating Captain Wario through the waters can be tricky due to the d-pad nature of the DS.

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