Captain Toad Makes A Splash is the second Captain Toad course to be played in Super Mario 3D World.


The level is very complex, compared to the first Captain Toad level. You must work both under water and on land to get all five stars. Again, only one enemy is found here, the Rammerhead, who will jump out of the water and go over the first bridge in the course. When the P Switch is hit, the water rises, bringing the platforms higher, making it easier to reach the last two stars.

Green Stars

  • Green Star 1: Go down the ramp and avoid getting hit by the rammerhead to get the star close by.
  • Green Star 2: On the back side of the stage, go in the clear pipe to the far right exit where the star is.
  • Green Star 3: On the first wooden bridge above the water, drop down to the green under water platform. Follow that path to a star.
  • Green Star 4: After getting out of the clear pipe after the third star, go down the hole above the P Switch to raise the water level making it easier to get the star on a plank.
  • Green Star 5: On the second wooden bridge, follow the path while avoiding the rammerhead and the square tiles after that to get the star.