Captain Shy Guy is a character from Mario Party 8. He is encountered when the player lands on a lucky space on Bowser's Warped Orbit.


In Bowser's Warped Orbit, if a player land on a Lucky Space, he will lead the player to an outer space diner. The lucky path doesn't have a star, but it has three pieces of candy, either Bowser Candy, or Bullet Candy, and lots of coins. Unlike other Shy Guys, he does not have a belt or a brown ribbon for his mask. In his space diner, some other Shy Guys of his kind can be seen.


  • If the player reaches 10000 points in Test for the Best, other Shy Guys of his kind can be found playing around on a moon.
  • There is a figure of Captain Shy Guy and his spaceship that can be purchased for 50 party cards in Koopas item stand.
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