Captain Goomba is a large Goomba with a pirate hat who has his own crew of Pirate Goombas in Mario Party 8. He appears in the board called Goomba's Booty Boardwalk where he gives the player a free star if they get to him. In a duel Game, the player has to obtain fifty coins and they win if they get to him first. If the player doesn't have the money, his crew shoots the player back to the start.


Captain Goomba seems to be generous when it comes to giving the player coins and stars. He gives the player a star if they reach him (except in a duel game), and lets the player hit a coin block to earn some money if they don't have any. He seems to have stolen a lot of treasure as a pirate, but his treasure is said to not be comparable with those from the sacred island, which can be reached with the Lucky Space. His crew of Pirate Goombas seems very loyal to him, as they obey his every order, for example shooting the player back to the start if they don't have enough coins in a duel game. However, Captain Goomba will order two seagulls to fly the player back to the start in a multiplayer party. He resides on the last island of his boardwalk with a volcano behind him, and surrounded by his chests full of gold, jewels, and stars.

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