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Captain Commands are special abilities that appear in Minion Quest, in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions.


Each Captain is able to use CP (Captain Points) for special Captain Commands. As they level up, the amount of CP they have will increase. Enemy Captains will have a set amount of CP as well, therefore also being able to use Captain Commands.

Captain Commands themselves will appear on touch screen of the Nintendo 3DS. The player can use the + Pad or the stylus to select a Command to use in battle. They are often used to the squad's advantage in battle, though some have a chance of backfiring. Certain Commands are exclusive to certain captains.

List of Captain Commands

Name Image Effect Exclusive to
Deny Stops an enemy minion from using its Special Skill.
Chance Generates a random effect.
Rally Raises the captain's squad's SPIRIT, making them more likely to use Special Skills.
Parry The captain dodges two attacks. The player can press A to counter-attack as well.
Lightning Brings down lightning which will shrink and weaken the enemy squad.
Thwomp Brings down a Thwomp which causes a damaging shockwave. Jump at the right time to dodge an enemy's.
Bomb Tosses a bomb between the two captains. The player must press A at the right time to knock it back to the enemy.
Clash of Captains The captain rushes forward to the enemy captain, and they fight one-on-one. Enemy minions still on the battlefield will damage the running captain along the way. Captain Goomba
Call for Backup Calls a random minion from your available minions into battle. Captain Shy Guy
Sneak Attack The captain sneaks up on the enemy captain and deals a little damage. If the captain is weak to the enemy captain, the enemy will notice and the attack will fail. Captain Boo
Shell Shock The captain retracts into a shell and spins around in a wide circle, hitting enemy minions surrounding him. Captain Koopa Troopa

Chance Effects

  • The entire ally squad gets a boost to a random stat.
  • The entire enemy squad gets a random stat lowered.
  • The entire ally squad's HP is restored by either 30% or 70%.
  • The ally captain's CP is restored by a random amount.
  • Damage is dealt to enemy units of a certain type.
  • Damage is dealt to the entire enemy squad.
  • The player's squad will receive 20% or 30% more experience if they win the level.


  • Some enemy captains are capable of using Captain-exclusive commands. Private Goomp can use Clash of Captains, Roy can use Shell Shock, and many other enemy captains can use Call for Backup.
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