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Candy's Music Shop is a store that appears in Donkey Kong 64.


Candy's Music Shop is where Candy Kong sells instruments to the Kongs. It is located in every major level in the game except for Jungle Japes, Fungi Forest, and Hideout Helm making it the least occurring of the three stores (with Cranky's Lab and Funky's Store having more appearances). Not only Candy sells musical instruments and provides an upgrade to them, but she will also give the Kongs a total of two Melons to increase their overall health to three.

Musical Instruments


  • Angry Aztec - Located in the first major area across a quicksand pit.
  • Frantic Factory - In the Storage Room next to Cranky's Lab.
  • Gloomy Galleon - In the Shipwreck Area near the Seal's racing area.
  • Crystal Caves - Near the cabins.
  • Creepy Castle - Inside of the castle on the first floor. Ironically, its exterior is twice the size than in its other appearances.