Cakewalk Flip is a level of World 5 in Super Mario 3D World.


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Green Stars

  • Green Star 1:In the second bunch of flipping platforms, the first green star is in the top left of the board.
  • Green Star 2:When you see two enemies which emit shock waves, one of which has a double cherry, you are in the right place. The other one has a fire flower in a hidden box. Use this to kill the piranha plant on the warp pipe and enter a puzzle. You then must complete the puzzle, leading the ball to the pressure plate. The star will appear once you have completed the puzzle.
  • Green Star 3:On the next set of flipping platforms, there is a green, star-shaped coin ring. Touching it will activate eight coins. You will have a few seconds to collect all eight. Once you do, the star will appear.


Cakewalk Flip Stamp.png

After this, there will be a platform which requires two players. You will either need a separate play or the double cherries on the previous set of platforms.