Cage Match is a Bowser Jr. mini-game in Mario Party 9.


  • Catch Bowser Jr. as he climbs around the fence. Hit Bowser Jr. from the other side of the fence to temporarily stun him.
  • The pair must try to catch Bowser Jr. before time runs out. They can climb around the fence, and can change sides by punching a revolving section of fence. When a player approaches Bowser Jr., he will climb much more quickly, unless he is stunned. Oddly, Bowser Jr. typically won't speed up if a player on the opposite side approaches him.
  • Players can stun Bowser Jr. by punching him from the opposite side of the fence. The best chance for the players to get Bowser Jr. is to either have one player stun him, while the other catches him, or to have both players surround him.
  • If the players fail to catch him in 30 seconds, Bowser Jr. wins.


Hold the Wii Remote sideways.

+Control Pad - Move

Two Button - Punch, Stun