The Cactus King is a giant Kong with a cactus-like object on the back of his head. It is unknown which land he ruled. The Cactus King was in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat after fighting Ninja Kong. Donkey Kong fought him, much differently than the previous battles, as Cactus King was roughly ten times his size. After collecting enough Crests, Donkey Kong traveled through what appeared to be the same level Cactus King lived in. However, when Donkey Kong reached the end of the level, instead of the Cactus King, he found Ghastly King. Ghastly though, looked exactly like the Cactus King having no differences except for a few new moves. It's possible Cactus King and Ghastly King were even the same person or they might be twins, but nothing has been confirmed. However, Cactus King is a fake last boss.


At the beginning of the battle, Donkey Kong sees Cactus King on a giant Fire-Breathing Pig. Once the battle begins, the Pig begins to breathe out fire. Donkey Kong must clap at the fire until he can approach the Pig. Then, he must clap on the Pig and stun it. Next, Donkey Kong must jump and start attacking its snout. Once Donkey Kong has landed enough blows on the Pig, Cactus King will jump and crush the Hawg. Donkey Kong must fight Cactus King by wall jumping at him, swinging his legs, or knocking him forward. If he is knocked down, the player can pound on him.


  • At the very beginning of both the Cactus and Ghastly King's theme song is a remix of the song that played on the title screen of the original Donkey Kong game.
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