'Mario & Luigi: Dream Team' enemy
Location Dozing Sands
HP 74
Power 60
Defense 77
Speed 23
Experience gained 32
Coins dropped 16 (100% drop rate)
Item dropped Super Candy (10% drop rate)
Bare Boots (4% drop rate)
  • Parentheses represent Japanese versions different from the American and European versions.
  • Gray statistics shows that they are found just in the game's coding and not available during normal gameplay.

Caccacs are enemies that appear in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. They are cactus-like enemies that are only found in Dozing Sands.


In battle, Caccacs are known for being able to use a multi-stage attack that depends on the number of tiems they are hit. When they are attacked, a number will appear and the Caccac will charge at either Mario or Luigi for the number of times displayed on the counter. Afterwards, it will go back to its normal state. In their normal state, the Caccac can attack by throwing cactus chunks that either go low (must be jump over) or go high (requiring no movement). The best way to take down a Caccac is to use some Bros. Attacks mainly the multi-hitting Red Shell or Green Shells.


Caccac is a corruption of 'cactus'.