A sprite of a Bzzap!.
Location Forever Forest (rare)
Flower Fields
HP 3
Attack 6 (Sting)
3 (Swarm) - may cause shrinking
Defense 0

Bzzap!s are enemies that have only appeared in Paper Mario. They appear rarely in the Forever Forest and Flower Fields.


Bzzap!s are enemies that resemble large bees.

In battle

The Bzzap! has two methods of attacking its enemy. Its main move is a straightforward sting that deals out a high 6 damage and can also poison. Its other, more rarely used move is calling in five tinier Bzzap!s that sting the Mario one-by-one (each doing 1 damage), which, in total (unless Mario uses his defend move) deals out 5 damage. The Bzzap! usually isn't much to worry about since it has very low HP for an enemy of its level.

Bzzap!s can be found by hitting trees in Flower Fields or commonplace and by disturbing the beehive in the Forever Forest.


  • The exclamation point in their name may be a reference to the Mother/Earthbound series where certain enemies have exclamation points in their names.

Battle Statistics

Bzzap! HP 3 Attack 6 Defense 0 Type Flying
Level 19 Strong None Weak None Moves Thorn Stab (6, Poison - Fair, 3), Swarm Sting (1x5, Shrink - Poor, 2)
Sleep? Fair, 3 Dizzy? Good, 4 Shock? Good, 3 Shrink? Good, 3
Stop? Good, 4/5 Fright? Good Air Lift? Good Hurricane? Good
Coins 1 + 2-4 Items Honey Syrup, Maple Syrup Run 42 Location(s) Forever Forest, Flower Fields
Tattle This is a Bzzap! Bzzaps! are monstrous bees. Max HP: 3, Attack Power: 6, Defense Power: 0 If they sting you, sometimes you'll be poisoned. They also occasionally call a swarm of small bees to attack you in a cloud. Be careful of those little attackers, because you'll sometimes shrink when stung. They don't have a lot of HP, so take care of 'em as quick as you can.
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