Busy Barrel Barrage
Busy Barrel Barrage
Chunky Kong in Busy Barrel Barrage.
Player(s) Chunky Kong
Donkey Kong
Diddy Kong
Location Angry Aztec
Fungi Forest
Crystal Caves
Time to Complete 45 seconds (Angry Aztec and Fungi Forest)
60 seconds (Crystal Caves)
Game Donkey Kong 64

Busy Barrel Barrage is a Bonus Stage played by the Kongs in the game Donkey Kong 64.


In Busy Barrel Barrage, the player is left standing in the center of an arena and must use their weapons to keep the onslaught of Kremlings at bay until the time ends. Only Chunky Kong, Donkey Kong, and Diddy Kong plays this minigame. Busy Barrel Barrage cannot be played at Snide's H.Q. once the player gets all of the Blueprints.

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