The Businessman is a character that appears in the game Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.


He is a blue Ratooey that wears glasses and a blue tie. He is usually seen carrying a suitcase.


The Businessman is first seen as one of the many passengers on board the Excess Express. He appears to be riding on the train for business reasons. During the day two, the Businessman's briefcase gets stolen and he states that it has a dangerous substance called Nitro Honey Syrup in it. He says if the Nitro Honey Syrup is combined with gold and shells, it will result in a sticky explosion. However, Mario manages to catch Zip Toad and returns the briefcase to the Businessman (though, it was later revealed that Zip Toad was Doopliss at the time).

The Businessman can be now seen at Glitzville right beside Mr. Hoggle's hot dog stand where he has a trouble that needs to be done. He wants to know the number of chairs around in places such as Flurrie's House or Don Pianta's office. After figuring out the number of chairs, the Businessman can unlock his briefcase and rewards Mario with a Hot Sauce. Hot Sauce can now be purchased from the Businessman for 10 coins each.