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The Buoy Base Galaxy is a galaxy that appears in Super Mario Galaxy. The galaxy contains a large fortress floating atop a large, spherical pool of water. Gearmos also appear in this galaxy.


The Floating Fortress[]

In this level, the objective is to scale the fortress and receive the Power Star, located on a planetoid above the fortress. In order to do this, the player must first enter the pool of water and release the weight from within by directing the attacking Torpedo Teds towards the it. Then Mario begins his ascent, surviving the various traps that have been put in place to stop Mario, collecting the five Star Chips, to eventually lay out a path of Pull Stars towards the next planet. On this planet, Mario has to head to the top of the planet, seeming like a Pokéball, where it is opened by spinning on a gold screw. Mario then dives in to retrieve the Power Star.

The Secret of Buoy Base (Green Power Star)[]

Mario must dive into the surrounding pool of water, where he must seek out a caged Warp Pipe, and open it by luring the Torpedo Teds into it. The pipe takes Mario to the outside of the planet, where Mario must lure Bullet Bills to a cage. Within the cage is one of the three Green Power Star.


  • The spherical looks exactly like a Pokéball from the Pokémon series.
  • Buoy Base shares its music with the second mission of Space Storm Galaxy; the mission's level layout is even identical to that of Buoy Base's. 
  • The music of Buoy Base Galaxy also shares a similar tune to "Northern Kremisphere" from the Donkey Kong Country 3 Soundtrack.