Super Mario RPG Statistics: Bundt
Artwork of Bundt
Location(s) Marrymore
Health Points (HP) 900
Attack 65
Defense 10
Magic Attack 25
Magic Defense 50
Special Attacks By blowing out all five candles on Bundt's head.
Weaknesses Jump
Psychopath Message "Congratulations"
Experience Points 25

Bundt is one of the many bosses in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.


This boss is a giant cake made by Chef Torte for Booster and Peach at their wedding. Chef Torte goes to the wedding with the cake and sees Mario. He goes over to attack, but the cake begins to move. This cake is actually a monster and attacks Mario.


In battle, Bundt mainly attacks by ramming at Mario and company. The only way to defeat the Bundt is to blow out all five candles off it's head. After that is done, it weakens down to the even stronger Raspberry.

Special Attacks

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