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Bumper Balls, (called のっかれボール Nokkare Bōru in Japan), is a minigame that appears in Mario Party, Mario Party 2, and Mario Party: The Top 100. The minigame is derived from the bumper cars that appear in a majority of amusement parks.


Mario Party

In the original Mario Party, the players are battling on top of an isolated island in the middle of the ocean. Each character is standing on top of a giant inflatable ball that contains its own design and color. The objective of the mini-game is for the characters to knock their opponents off the island by bouncing into each other with their balls. When a player hits one of their opponents with a ball, the other character receives a knockback from the ball's impact. If both characters hit each other with their balls at the same time, they both receive recoil from the impact. When a character is knocked over the edge with their ball, they are eliminated from the mini-game.

Mario Party 2

Bumper Balls returns in Mario Party 2 with the same objectives. This time, however, there are three different playing fields that they could play on.

The first challenge in the mini-game takes place on the top of a tower located over a pit of lava. This stage is more of a neutral difficulty with the lava seeming to try to portray the level as a challenge.

In the second stage, the characters are relocated on the top of a mountain, with a giant frozen Shy Guy at the center of it. However, the Shy Guy does not do it. Due to the slippery ice, players are more likely to skid when trying to turn and must be careful to not fall off.

On the third and final stage, characters are on the island from the original Mario Party. This time, there are bumpy rocks on the island to expand the player's momentum, making them more likely to fall into the water. If they do fall in the water, a Blooper carries them away.


  • Control Stick - Move


Mario Party


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