Bullet Bill Base is a level of World 6 in Super Mario 3D World.


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Green Stars

  • Green Star 1:Collecting the first star requires a cat suit. Once you are at the top of the first summit, there will be a sign telling you to head right. Instead, head left to a moving platform beside two canons. Climb the wall to get the first green star.
  • Green Star 2:After warping to the next area, you will, again, see a sign pointing right. With a cat suit, climb the wall to the left and enter the Mystery Box. Complete the trial inside to collect the second star.
  • Green Star 3:After the Banzai Bill, head right up the moving wall with a cat suit to collect the third star.


Bullet Bill Base Stamp.png

Once you get to the top of the hill past the Banzai Bill, climb the wall using the cat suit. Do not break the floating boxes, climb on top of them to get the stamp.