Bullet Bike is a lightweight bike in Mario Kart Wii.

It is based on the classic enemies in the Mario games, the Bullet Bill. Is also one of the three fastest starting bikes. Bullet Bike (with Baby Mario/Baby Daisy), Mach Bike (with Daisy or Mii) and Flame Runner (with Funky Kong or Rosalina). The Bullet exceeds in almost everything except for handling, acceleration, and off-road. It is one of the top three bikes for getting a good Time Trial record. It is, however quite low on weight, for instance, if you are going up a ramp and someone pushes you off, you may very well fall off from the course and have to get picked up. That is why it is better to be farther ahead than anyone else, and to avoid other larger characters, such as King Boo and Donkey Kong.

Background and Design

The Bullet Bike is an actual design of the Bullet Bill, a very fast, and tough enemy of Mario. There is another form of Bullet Bill, known as Banzai Bills, that are in Super Mario Galaxy. The bike first appeared in this game. The front of the bike has flames on it, and eyes for headlights. On the bottom of the bike is the battery of the bike. This vehicle is the only to lack emblems in the game, being the only. It resembles Bullet Bill.


  • Speed- 53/80
  • Weight- 24/80
  • Acceleration- 32/80
  • Handling- 35/80
  • Drift- 67/80
  • Offroad- 29/80
  • Mini-Turbo- 67/80
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