Bugaboom is the leader of the Mandibug clan. He made his debut in Super Mario Galaxy. Mario faces Bugaboom on a small planet in the Honeyhive Galaxy and a similar planet in the Puzzle Plank Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2. To defeat this giant boss in the first game, Mario must use a Bee Mushroom to fly above Bugaboom then Ground Pound on him three times. On the second and third times, Bugaboom is more difficult to attack because he will fly around the planet Mario is fighting him on. In Super Mario Galaxy 2, Bugaboom is fought at the Puzzle Plank Galaxy. However, there is no Bee Mushroom. Instead, there is a cloud flower, and Mario must use that power-up in a similar way. Bugaboom's attack is dropping bombs on the ground that have a small blast radius and are easy to avoid. After Mario defeats Bugaboom, a Power Star will appear.


He is a giant green Mandibug with six legs. He has wings behind both eyes. On his back, there is an explosion-like mark, which is his weak spot. He has a hole underneath him that he uses to drop bombs. When angered, he turns red.



  • The name Bugaboom is a pun on the word Bug-a-boo, which is a term for monsters, generally minor children's book monsters.
  • Bugaboom shares his boss music with King Kaliente and Topmaniac. However, Bugaboom's boss music speeds up after he takes damage, which never happens with the King Kaliente and Topmaniac fights even though they have rage-mode phases.
  • Bugaboom's boss music from Super Mario Galaxy returns in Super Mario Galaxy 2, where it plays the same way when Bugaboom is fought. It will also speed up again, like in the first game. Additionally, it also appears as King Kaliente's theme.
  • Bugaboom is the only boss from Super Mario Galaxy to appear again in Super Mario Galaxy 2, but not to be fought in Boss Blitz Galaxy.
  • This boss and Fiery Gobblegut are the only bosses in Super Mario Galaxy 2 that can only be accessed by a secret star mission.
  • Bugaboom can be hit when he is flying without a Bee Mushroom or a Cloud Flower by triple jumping towards him and then performing a ground pound on his back or by using the Springy Flowers (Springboards in Super Mario Galaxy 2).
  • Glamdozer's boss battle music seems to be a remix of Bugaboom's boss battle music.
  • In the Prima guide to Super Mario Galaxy 2, one of the pictures for Bugaboom's boss strategy is a picture from King Lakitu's boss strategy info instead. This seems to be an error.
  • He has some obscure similarities to the Wiggler in Super Mario Sunshine in that they are both insects and their music is used for other bosses but speeds up with each hit.