"Ahhh... It is wonderful... So wonderful... The great soda shines... However!!! That was not the only hidden soda power that my jokes bred over these 1000 years! Now I insist you fully experience the texture, taste, and aroma of Chuckola Reserve! Bon appetit!"
― Bubbles

Bubbles is a minor character that appears in the game Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. He is the older brother of Boddle who runs the Yoshi Theater.


Bubbles, like all Beanish folk, is green and bean shaped. He also appears to be wearing a bean suit and has a thick mustache.


He was seen in Chucklehuck Woods where it is revealed that he is the creator of Chuckola Cola. Bubbles told Mario and Luigi that he kept the Chuckola Cola fresh for years by telling it jokes. Then, he lowers down Popple and Rookie and has his creation, named the Chuckolator, knock away the two thieves then sicks the monster at Mario and Luigi. After the Mario Bros. defeats the Chuckola monster, Bubbles is furious and sends Mario and Luigi crashing down to the "basement".